Bucklodge Forest Conservation Park Trails

Bucklodge Forest Conservation Park Trails, Montgomery County, MD, USA

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Summary:In October of 2000, Bucklodge Forest Conservation Park became the first acquisition by Montgomery County through the Legacy Open Space program, an initiative to identify and protect thousands of acres of exceptional open land and historic resources throughout the County.

The Park is approximately 215 acres and located in the northwest section of Montgomery County in the vicinity of Barnesville, MD. Generally, the topography of the Park slopes gently from the sides inward, toward the center of the property, and then southerly in the direction of the Bucklodge Branch. There are some small areas of steeper slopes located in the east section of the site. Unless noted otherwise on the map, trails marked Natural Surface and Hard Surface are Shared by All trails which includes hikers, bikers and equestrians.

The PDF shown below is out of date.
  • The southwest corner of the Bucklodge Loop Trail shows a trail running from near the trail marked "Connector 977'" up and left toward Peach Tree Road. This segment is now permanently closed, and has been planted in trees.
  • The Hershey Spring Trail is no longer marked "hiker only", and is used to complete the Bucklodge Loop Trail.
  • Two additional connectors were found on the west side of the loop. See the Google map for their locations.

Ample signage indicates that dogs must be leashed, but we encountered one dog (twice) that was unleashed. Expect such encounters, in part because this park is seldom used by horses, and they will be a novelty to dogs.

The official length of the trail is "approximately 2 miles". Freckles and I did every spur out and back, and did parts of the loop twice, so our mileage was higher. You can make this ride as long as you want by simply adding laps, changing direction, etc.
Activities:horseback riding, hiking, biking.
Location:22600 Slidell Rd, Boyds, MD 20841 Phone: (301) 495-2595

This park is located in the Upcounty west of Clarksburg, just northwest of Black Hill Regional Park..
Length/Surface:Approximately 2 miles of natural surface single track trails.

This ride covered a distance of 5.51 miles in 1 hours, 31 minutes -- about 3.6 mph.

Bumps and Lumps:

Distance between highest and lowest altitudes on this trail is 34 feet. The average slope on this trail is 1.9%.

Trail Characteristics:All trails are natural surface. The Bucklodge loop trail is mostly rolling terrain.
Drinking Water:no
Water for Horses:no
Access and Parking:Adequate parking for several trailers at 22600 Slidell Rd, Boyds, MD 20841
More Information:There is another map here.



Distance between highest and lowest altitudes on this trail is 34 feet. The average slope on this trail is 1.9%.



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