Welch Point MHA*

Welch Point MHA*, Cecil County, MD, USA

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In Short:Free non-hunting permit required / Maryland DNR / 410.356.9272 / miles vary / 77 acres / natural
Summary:Elk Forest MHA and Welch Point MHA are two hunting areas on the north bank of the C&D Canal; both lie west of Chesapeake City. Both areas are owned by the Army Corps of Engineers and managed for hunting by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Elk Forest, at 242 acres, offers foot access to woodland and a couple of small freshwater ponds and is a great place to see flycatchers and other songbirds. Welch Point, with 77 acres, is located at the tip of land where the C&D Canal emerges to join the Elk River, and offers access to woodland and to the shore of the Elk River, with waterfowl and other water birds in appropriate seasons.
Location:Welch Point MHA. Elk Forest Rd Chesapeake City, MD. Located along the eastern shore of the Elk River and the northern shore of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, east of Chesapeake City, Maryland

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