Callithea Farm Park

Callithea Farm Park, Montgomery County, MD, USA

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In Short:A beautiful 8 mile loop with a variety of sights.
Summary:This particular ride included a false start heading west from the parking area. We encountered a near-impassable gully, and decided that a clockwise loop might sort things out: maybe if the gully were approached from the west, the best route across it would be more discernible. But Freckles and I rode with a friend, who new a secret way around the gully: through the pasture.

This ride included a side trip down the gas line to the canal. It appears that there is a difficult route east and west from the gas line on the north side of the canal, but you'll want to be riding a short horse for this project.

The Potomac is absolutely beautiful in this stretch, with islands and rapids.

An assortment of trails are in the area that are marked no horses -- hikers only.

Callithea Farm is located in the traditional horse country of Potomac. Its pastures are among Montgomery Counties' most picturesque, its stalls among the most worn. Reach Callithea with your car, horse trailer, or by horse. Some great trails tie the Farm to the Potomac River and canal as well as to many many miles of community maintained trails. Callithea Farm is lovingly managed by George Stengstack -- (301) 977-7682.

Callithea Farm is owned by M-NCPPC, and covers 91.24 acres.
Activities:horseback riding, walking
Location:15000 River Rd, Potomac, MD 20854
Length/Surface:A ride from Callithea to Violettes Lock, Penyfield Lock, and back is about 8 miles.

This ride covered a distance of 7.84 miles in 2 hours, 19 minutes -- about 3.4 mph.

Bumps and Lumps:

Distance between highest and lowest altitudes on this trail is 96 feet. The average slope on this trail is 7.5%.

Trail Characteristics:Single track through the woods. Doubletrack on the Towpath.
Drinking Water:no.
Water for Horses:yes, from C&O Canal or Potomac River.
Restroom:yes, in the barn.
Access and Parking:Plenty of trailer parking at Callithea. There is a tiny lot on River Road at Blockhouse Point Park -- zoom the Google map to see it.
More Information:
  • General Information Line: 301-495-2595
  • Permit Office: 301-495-2525
  • General Information E-mail:
  • Fax: 301-495-9340
  • Website



Distance between highest and lowest altitudes on this trail is 96 feet. The average slope on this trail is 7.5%.



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Created by David Stang and his trusty partner Freckles, using GaiaGPS. Map recorded: January 26, 2018. Page last updated: January 29, 2018.